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Please note that not all the beaches in the park have accommodations or places to buy meals.

BAHÍA CONCHA: There are no cabins or buildings to host, only a camping area and hammocks. It comes with a restaurant and some shops where you can buy food. You can also have a barbecue but not an open fire.
BAHÍA GHENGUE: there is no accommodation service nor meal shops. It is a beach to stay the day bringing your needs.
BAHÍA GAYRACA: There is no accommodation service or shop. In peak season you can find persons selling water or drinks but not after 4:00 p.m. Some people camp in this place with their own equipment and meals.
NEGUANJE: As you arrive there you will find a main restaurant and small food and drink shops. It is not allowed to spend the night, so there are no cabins or camping areas.
SIETE OLAS: There is no accommodation or meal services. The beach is only to pass and enjoy the views.
BAHIÁ CINTO: On this beach you can find a place to spend the night in hammocks and some cabins with previous reservation, but always taking into account that it is an area far from the city so there is no service place near and you must have equipment and meals enough for this adventure.
GUACHAKYTA: The beach is not very visited, so it is a place to pass, there is no restaurant or camping area.
PALMARITO: As it is one of the beaches with difficult access, there is no infrastructure there.
PLAYA BRAVA: The place is ideal for camping or staying in hammocks with a huge open area. There are simple cabins to host with different prices depending on the season. There is also restaurant service.
PLAYA CABO SAN JUAN DEL GUÍA: Cabo San Juan comes with one the more complete restaurants of the park, a very huge camping area, and a cabin to hang hammocks with two rooms with beds. The beach comes too with public bathrooms.
PLAYA LA PISCINA: It is a small beach, with no camping area or hammocks, it is beach to pass through.
ARENILLA: Beach with no meal or camping service.
PLAYA ARRECIFE: it is possible to spend the night. There are camping, hammocks and cabins, as well as two restaurants and public bathrooms.
PLAYA CAÑAVERAL: It is a hidden beach with few tourists but next to it you can find the best hotel in the Tayrona Park, the Ecohabs. The hotel comes with restaurant service and the rooms are independent cabins with private bathrooms.
CASTILLETE: There is a cabin that offers camping service and rooms. The building comes with private bathrooms and shared bathrooms and one restaurant for guests and day visitors.