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Tayrona Park Beaches

Tayrona Park Beaches

Beaches Tayrona Park

 The Top 8 Tayrona National Park Beaches

The beaches of Tayrona National Park are widely considered to be among the cleanest, widest, and most spectacular in the Caribbean region.

Beaches inTayrona National ParkBahía Concha

Located only 30 minutes from Santa Marta, it is one of the more visitied beaches by tourists and samarians. It is surrounded by mountains and has beautiful views. As you reach it, on the right hand you can find a river that completes the environment.

The beach is big with a lot of shade on the shore from trees where you can hang your hammocks, or put your tents under them to feel the marine breeze. There are no cabins or buildings in Bahía Concha to stay, there is only a camping zone with hammocks.



 Beaches Bahia Chengue Tayrona ParkBahía Chengue

It is one of the most solitary beaches of the park as the entrance is by boat or a difficult path. The beach is small with very fine and white sand, but it is always full of trees, as the area is a dry zone with a lot of salt water vegetation. It is ideal for bird watching and fishing. It is not recommended to camp or sleep in the place as it is lonely and isolated.



 Beaches Bahia Guayraca Tayrona ParkBahía Gayraca

It is located between Bahía Concha and Neguanje and comes with a huge extension of land covered by very fine and white sand. It is a totally empty beach recommended for a day visit and especially for snorkel or diving for its big extension of coral reefs, fishes and sea life. You can reach this beach only by boat and from here you can visit other beaches through different paths.


 Beaches Bahia Cinto Tayrona ParkBahía Cinto

One of the most calm and beautiful beaches of Tayrona Park, with crystal waters, green vegetation all seasons, and yellow sand that gives it a golden touch like few beaches in the world. It is recommended for snorkeling or diving thanks to it's rich sea life.

You can find a place to stay the night here with hammocks but always taking into account that is far from the city and you need to have meals, water, etc. for this adventure. To reach there you must take a boat at the Taganga beach to Bahía Cinto.



 Beaches Cabo San Juan del GuíaPlaya Cabo San Juan del Guía

Definitely the most visited beaches by the tourists that come to the Tayrona Park, it is known worldwide for the famous pictures that every Tayrona review must have, where you can see the hill in the middle ot the sea and the cabin on it where you can sleep in hammocks or rooms with beds.

The beach is surrounded by much vegetation and stands for the sea that combines the blue sky and the green reflection. The sand in this beach is thick and golden.

In this sector you will find a restaurant and a big camping area. You can reach there using the two entrances of the park, Zaino and Calabazo, you can also reach there by boat from Taganga taking about 50 minutes.



 Beaches La Piscina inTayrona National ParkPlaya La Piscina

It is one of the few beaches in Tayrona where you can have a relaxing swim. It takes its name from the rocks barrier that surrounds the shore creating a natural pool of calm waters. It is a small beach of spectacular beauty. There is no camping area or hammocks. It is located between Cabo San Juan and Arrecife.


 Beache Arrecife inTayrona National ParkPlaya Arrecife

It is the bigger beach inside Tayrona National Park. As the name says, underwater is filled with many reefs and rocks so the waves are very strong and dangerous. Swimming is not allowed here, as more than 200 persons have lost their lives in here.

Arrecife is the second beach after Cañaveral that you will find when entering the park for the entrance of Zaino. To reach there it’s needed to walk about 45 minutes through a wet forest full of rocks and cliffs. The shore is surrounded by a tree barrier that provides shelter and privacy. Here you will find a camping area, hammocks, and cabins.


 Beache Cañaveral inTayrona National ParkPlaya Cañaveral

Although it is one of the smallest beaches, it is one of the most dangerous of the park. However it has a sector called “la piscinita” where is possible to take a swim without danger. You will find a unique hotel inside the park, Ecohabs Tayrona, 14 cabins with an unique views of sea, as you won’t find in any place of the Caribbean. The hotel comes with a restaurant for your service as there is no other place to get meals around.

Playa Cañaveral has a coral and reefs area almost virgin from exploration.