In the last years, the climate has changed drastically, due to this reason is not so easy to determine what time is best to visit the Tayrona National Park.

Here we are some tips to consider for both climate and crowded seasons.

1). Peak seasons in the Tayrona National Park are from December 1st to February the 28th, (date when the park is closed, subject to change by Unidad de Parques Naturales); also June 1st to July 31st;. Easter (all 10 days), and holy weekends from friday to tuesday.

2). Low season includes weekdays and weekends without holidays.

3). Seasons in which is determined rainiest months are May and July and September and October. Despite this, you can perform activities without problems, since the rain is almost always occasional, allowing visitors to continue enjoying the Park.

4) In dry season you can tour the park and enjoy the sea at all times, although you must take into account of the beaches where you can or not bath, such as Arrecife. In this beach at all times of the year, the income of bathers is prohibited, as it is very dangerous. You should know that even a dry season, you are in an area of great humidity, so slight precipitation may occasionally occur.

5). September, October and November are the months with less income tourist, so you can schedule your visit for these dates as the beaches are quieter. It is easy to locate a place for camping, and find availabilities in Ecohabs and Arrecifes Cabins, which are the 2 best accommodation of the Tayrona Park.