It is the most popular for swimmers, especially for those who live in Santa Marta, since their income is easy and can be done by motorbike, cars and larger vehicles such as buses. You can take a bath in all its extension and its sea is very calm and clean.


It is a small beach that is in conservation to which you can only enter by boat, its sea is a low swell and crystal clear waters. It is only a passing beach, since it does not have any kind of lighting, accompaniment or nearby buildings. To enter you must have national park authorization.


It is the best to the practice of Snorkeling and Diving, since the marine life of this beach is beautiful and varied thanks to its great coral barrier that surrounds it. You can only arrive by boat and the bath is allowed until 4:00 in the afternoon. It is also a passing beach.


The largest of all the beaches of Tayrona Park. It is the starting point to take boats and reach other beaches. You can enjoy the sea at its two extremes, since in the center the waves are strong and its waters deep.


It is a beach that is in conservation, for this reason the sea is very clean and full of marine life. While you enjoy the calm of its sea, you can appreciate a variety of colorful fish that come to the shore in search of food. It can only be reached by boat so it is usually very empty and quiet. To enter you must have national park authorization.


One of the smallest beaches of Tayrona Park, as it is not known, is ideal to get away from the routine and enjoy its quiet sea. Its waters are calm and its white sand. It is considered a passing beach, so you will not find food service or a lot of company.


It is the most crowded beach of the Tayrona park due to its beauty and its great amplitude. The camping sector is the most complete within the park, it has a cabin, hammock and rental of a certain number of tents, a restaurant with a wide variety of dishes and public baths.


It is the deepest beach on the shore, it is surrounded by a line of rocks whose function is to break the waves and not come suddenly to the shore, which allows the bath to be quiet for the enjoyment of those who visit it.  It’s a small beach so it’s just for the day.


It is only a small sector located between Arrecife and La Piscina, the waves are medium but when arriving at the shore it is calmer, so it allows the swimmers to enjoy it without inconveniences.


It is the beach where the Ecohabs Tayrona are, the best accommodation inside the park. In the main beach of Cañaveral, the bath is not allowed, but just next to it, there is a small area called “La Piscinita” when you can take a bath.