Undoubtedly this sector has the best sea in the country, more than 14 beaches that dazzle everyone who visits them.

Cabo San Juan

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Get to know the best beaches in Colombia


Without a doubt, this sector has the best sea in the country, more than 14 beaches that dazzle everyone who visits them. The golden sand, its diversity in fauna and flora, both terrestrial and marine, make this place a Colombian paradise. It is the best vacation plan for those who like to enjoy nature and the blue of the sea.

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Share with family and friends

There is nothing better than going on an adventure with your loved ones, the Tayrona Park offers plans for all tastes and ages. Beach, sand and camping love the little ones and for adults the sea, the sun and ecological walks through the jungle and the seashore is a plan not to forget.

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Learn about our indigenous ancestors

For a long time, the Tayrona Park was the home of our older brothers the Tayrona indigenous people, from this tribe other which are still preserved as the Koguis and the Arhuacos. If you like to take with you historical information in addition to enjoying the sea, the sun and the sand, the PNNT is the best place to do it. You can visit the Pueblito Chayrama, where you can see vestiges of these cultures that still persist in the area.

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Disconnect from the routine of the city

The daily pace of life in the city makes you want to get away from everything and disconnect on many occasions. The Tayrona Park offers you different hotels and accommodation where you can give yourself this luxury. Resting in a hammock or in a beautiful cabin with windows where you can see the sea and listen to its waves, is the right thing to release tension and forget about the daily routine.

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Do exercise

On weekends, it is normal to see many cyclists and runners traveling the trails of the Tayrona Park exercising their bodies and minds . Doing sports activities in a place without pollution, without annoying noise and with complete peace of mind, is totally different. In addition to these sports, some of the park’s beaches can practice snorkeling and diving for those looking for a little more adventure.