Where is Tayrona Park?

how to get there

The Tayrona Park is located in northern Colombia, next to the city of Santa Marta, which is the oldest city in the entire South American continent.

How to get to Tayrona Park from Santa Marta?

When you arrive in Santa Marta you must take the Caribe Santa Marta – Riohacha trunk and approximately 45 minutes you will see the signs indicating the location of the entrances to the Tayrona Park .

Note : Santa Marta has the Simón Bolivar International Airport.

Access roads

The Tayrona National Natural Park , has three entrances which will take you directly to its beaches and places of interest and one fourth way of entry that would take you to another sector that was previously considered part of the PNNT but today is still a place highly visited by tourists.


It is 12 km from the city of Santa Marta taking the Caribbean trunk via La Guajira from here you can have access to beaches such as Chengue and Gairaca that can be reached on foot and by boats to others such as Playa Cristal 7 minutes away, Playa Cinto 20 minutes and Wachaquita 30 minutes. To enter Neguanje they must pay entrance to the PNNT


It is 34 km from the city of Santa Marta taking the Caribbean trunk via La Guajira, from this entrance we can access beaches in order: Castillete, Cañaveral, Arrecife, Arenilla, La Piscina, Cabo San Juna, La Playa Nudista / Boca del Saco and Playa Brava. To enter Zaino they must pay tickets to the PNNT


It is 32 km from the city and only 2 km before reaching the Zaino entrance is called the entrance of Calabazo. You must take a 3-hour walk until you reach the ruins. Continuing the road, you can reach Cabo San Juan and Playa Brava. You must pay the entrance ticket to the TNNP.


You enter through the Bastidas neighborhood on an uncovered road to the Bay. Previously this bay was considered part of the Tayrona Park , but currently you can enter without paying entrance which excludes it from the PNNT sector.

Look the map of how to get to Tayrona Park from the different ways.
Address: Magdalena, Santa Marta, Colombia