Tips to take into account when visiting the Tayrona Park. Be a smart and responsible traveler.

When you are traveling, the hurry is not a well counselor, so we recommend to prepare your vacations with enough time and investigate what kind of items we can carry or not to our destiny.

As to Tayrona Park, remember that you are going to enter a forest and coast area, so you must be ready for any kind of situation, strong sun or rains, mosquitos, etc…, and in special the distance and difficult access from the city to the park.

That’s why and in order to enjoy with problems of this marvelous place, we recommend the following:

  • Be sure to have your documents with you.
  • Try to carry the smaller and practical luggage to the comfort of the walking. (it is optional to pay a horse or mule to carry the luggage)
  • Get a lantern for the nights.
  • Sun protection
  • Sunglasses
  • Anti-mosquitos (after every bath, after the sun protection and in the night)
  • Bottled water (in some places you will find shops to buy it, but we recommend for the first walk)
  • Hot clothes for the nights
  • Fast-dry clothes.
  • If it is possible get the yellow fever vaccine (it is not necessary, but recommended)
  • Remember that pets are not allowed inside Tayrona Park.

To travel is a personal experience, but having into account this recommendations and investigate a few about the destiny is always a big help to avoid unpleasant experience.