The Tayrona Park counts with more than 14 beaches, but only in some of them the camping is allowed, as they are very far or almost desert and it is a little dangerous if there is any emergency. Here are the beaches where you can spend the night in a tent or in a relaxing hammock.


Its great size, beautiful landscapes and calm waters makes it ideal to live the experience of camping and spend a night inside the park. The beach offers public bathrooms and a restaurant, besides a small civil defense station for emergencies. You can get there by boat or walking from the entrance of El Zaino or Calabozo.


It is an almost unknown beach as you must walk about 4 or 5 hours to get to. The camping zone is very nice just in front of the sea with a medium wave, there is a little restaurant, public bathrooms and cabins. You can get walking from Zaino or Calabozo.


It is the best beach you find in the Tayrona Park as you enter by El Zaino and one of the most dangerous in the park. It is very huge and beautiful. The camping area don’t have view to the sea but it is a good point to make this practice as it is very near from the police station and civil defense for emergencies, the second best restaurant in the park is here. The accommodations are very comfortable. The entering is walking from El Zaino.


It is an area without views to the sea, it is not good for bathing, but it has a little area called La Piscinita where you can enjoy the sea. The nearest restaurant is in the Ecohabs Tayrona and it is the best of all the park.


It is a big finca with huge green spaces to camp, it counts with public bathrooms and a restaurant with typical food. The sea in this part of the park is very strong and dangerous, so it is not allowed. The finca offers rooms for a better stay. You can get there by car directly.


The sea is calm here, crystal and deep waters, it counts with a camping area very huge with trees that gives shadow where you can hang your hammocks to rest. The entering is directly by road.