The Tayrona Park has more than 14 beaches, but only in a few Few of them are allowed camping or they have Camping areas , since some of them are very far away and are almost desert-like, it is very dangerous if an emergency should arise. Here we show you which are the beaches of Tayrona Park where you can spend the night either in camping or in a relaxing hammock.

The price of the hammock ranges from 20,000 pesos per person to 40,000 pesos for 2 people per tent. There is camping only in the reef sector and at Cape San Juan. If you are going to sleep either in camping, hammocks, ecohabs or cabins, you must pay only one entry, but if you want to leave and re-enter, you must pay again.
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Its great breadth, beautiful scenery and passive waters make this beach suitable to live the camping experience and thus spend a night in the Park Tayrona . The beach offers public toilets and restaurant , as well as a small civil defense station for emergencies. Its entrance is by boat or walking from the entrance of El Zaino or from the entrance of Calabazo.

Cabo San Juan del Guía is a private farm so if you want accommodation you must book directly in the park.

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It is the first beach to be found when entering the Zaino entrance and it is one of the most dangerous within the park Tayrona . Its breadth and beauty surprise those who visit it. Its camping area does not have a view of the sea but it is a good point to do this practice. In high season you can find the civil defense for emergencies and the National Police, as well as the second best restaurant in the Tayrona Park. The facilities are very comfortable, such as the bathrooms. Its entrance is walking from the entrance of the Zaino.

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It is a sector that does not have a view of the sea, and the next thing is a 10-minute walk from Cañaveral beach, this is not suitable for swimming, but it has a sector called La Piscinita where it is possible to enjoy the sea. The closest restaurant is the hotel’s Ecohab Tayrona and it is the best in the whole park.

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Its sea is calm, with crystal clear and deep water, it has a very large camping or camping area under trees that provide great shade and where you can hang hammocks to rest. Its entrance is direct by road.

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It is a beach little heard since to get there you have to take a 4 to 5 hour walk and it is mandatory to enter with a guide. Its camping area is very pleasant since it is right on in front of the sea even though it has medium waves and is accompanied by a small restaurant, public toilets and cabins. The arrival is walking from E l Zaino or from Calabazo.

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It is a farm with large green areas for camping, it has public baths and a restaurant with typical food and ordinary food. The sea in this part of Tayrona Park is quite swollen and dangerous, that is why it is not allowed for bathers. The farm offers room rooms for greater comfort. It can be entered by direct car.