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If you are considering living a great experience with nature, the Tayrona National Natural Park is considered a Nature Sanctuary due to its rich fauna and flora and is part of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. If you love adventure, the sea, the contemplation of beautiful landscapes and you do not want to overlook any detail so that your trip or stay is perfect, this is definitely the guide for you.

Important note: Closures 2024 

From February 1 to 15,
June 1 to 15
and October 19 to November 2,
Tayrona Park will remain closed.

Costs And tickets

High Season Rate

  • June 15 to July 15 – December 15 to January 30 – Thursday to Holy Sunday – Weekends with Holiday Bridge
  • Foreign $ 87.000
  • National Over 25 Years of Age and older: $ 39.000
  • National Over 5 Up to 25 Years: $ 27.500
  • Born In Santa Marta 25 Years Onwards: $ 39.000
  • Born in Santa Marta From 5 to 24 Years: $ 27,500
  • CAN Members 25 Years and Over: $ 39,000
  • Members Of The CAN From 5 To 25 Years: $ 27,500

Low Season Rate

  • All the dates of the year that are not mentioned in high season
  • Foreign $ 73,500
  • National Over 25 Years of Age and older: $ 33.000
  • National Over 5 Up to 25 Years: $ 24.500
  • Born In Santa Marta 25 Years Onwards: $ 16.500
  • Born in Santa Marta From 5 to 24 Years: $ 12.500
  • Can Members 25 Years and Over: $ 33.000
  • Members Of The Can From 5 To 25 Years: $ 24,500

Vehicle Rates

  • Vehicles can only enter up to the Cañaveral parking lot
  • Cars $19.000
  • Groups $48500
  • Buses $102.500
  • Motorcycles $13,500

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Come, meet, and enjoy our natural paradise so you can be surprised and live new adventures. Next, we show you the most spectacular beaches that you can enjoy within the Tayrona park.

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Frequently questions

The Tayrona Natural Natinoal park is located in the city of Santa Marta, the caribbean region of Colombia. The place make part of the Magdalena province. 
The Park is located at 34 kms from the city and it is one of the most important parks of Colombia. 

It is a natrual paradise in the Caribbean Colombian with a huge beauty. The habitat has a huge quantity of especies along all the differents areas and termics levels that goes from the sea to highs of 900 meters. 

Amongts the 15,000 hectares that conforms the park, 3.000 are from the sea. The park is conisdered as one of the ecological reserves of South America, it has a great natural beauty and a amazing flora and fauna. It counts with virgin beaches, an splendid sea, arqueological pplaces, waterfalls and much more. We recommend to visit asap this beautiful landscape, ideal to an ecotourism trip. You won't regret of this travel where you will be able to enjoy this natural reservation with unique landscapes.

Althought the park is a natural reservation, it doesn't mean it has no services to practice the ecotourism. It coutns with many natural espectacles and pahts to know the different areas of the park. :

  • Arqueological musem of Charaima, located in the Cañaveral sector, near the river Piedras. It has an arqueological expo..
  • Sendero Los Naranjos
  • Cabo San Juan de Guía, it is the furtherst area and has services of accommodation, bathrooms, and restaurants. .
  • Playa Nudista, it is not an official nudist beach but the name and the conditions of the area has create the custom of the nudism in this beach. 
  • Pueblito Chairama, arqueological ruins of taronas towns that was occupaid more the 500 years ago. 
  • Playa del Muerto, from 2010 this beach is called "playa Cristal"
  • Sector Arrecifes, an area with services of accommodation, bathrooms and restaurants. The beach is not good for swimming due to the strong waves. 
  • La Piscina, a beach next to the Arrecifes sector where the swimming is allowed.
  • Cauce of Piedras river
  • Ciudad Perdida, trekking located insithe the forest to discover some of the ruins hidden in the vegetation.  

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Things you must take to Tayrona Park.

  • If you are a student, takt your student card for an special entrance fee.
  • Sleeping bag, bed sheet
  • Long trousers. 
  • Repelent, hats.
  • Little bag (long walks)
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Money in cash, it is not possible to use credit cards.
  • I.D.
  • Lanterns. 
  • PicNic or food for breakfast or to eat something. Anyway, there are some shops.
  • If you can, take tent, it is cheap to sleep there.
  • It is forbidden to take alcoholic drings nor plastic bags. The water in bags is also forbidden. 

We recommend to read tis article: Recorriendo el Parque Tayrona, this Guía para viajar al parque Tayrona or this article to Visit the Tayrona.

You can see all the rates in this same page above.

How to make your reservation and payment to enter Tayrona Park during the months of December 2019 and January 2020

To visit this protected area, you must first make the reservation and then enter the liquidated value, since the Park has an established capacity per day (limited number of people entering the area). Bogotá, November 30, 2019. National Natural Parks of Colombia reminds citizens that, as of December 6, 2019, the ecotourism services of Tayrona National Park will be operated directly by National Parks, for this reason, here we tell you how It will be the procedure to enter the protected area during this high season. To advance the transaction, you must first enter with username and password or using the quick registration links of Google or Facebook on the page https://reservas.parquesnacionales.gov.co. Once you have entered the page, you must identify the Tayrona National Natural Park and the date of admission. After performing the procedure, the application will indicate the other steps to follow to finalize the value and data to make the payment and the respective upload of the receipt to the web platform (from which the system generates the payment order, the person will have a maximum of 48 hours to do it). It should be noted that, if the payment is not formalized within 48 hours, the system will cancel the reservation and it will be necessary to take a new one. Remember to present the support that the payment of the online reservation throws at the entrances of the sectors of Palangana and Zaino - Cañaveral, as well as the marine income of Tayrona Park. The only procedure to enter the park is through online reservations, so we reiterate that, IN NO EVENT WILL CASH MONEY BE RECEIVED TO ENTER THE PROTECTED AREA. Likewise, we clarify that, the value settled by the application corresponds only to the rights of entry to the protected area, therefore, this value does not include insurance or ecotourism services. National Parks invites people who have already made previous consignments at the Bogotá bank to enter Tayrona Park from December 6 that, these must be included in the online reservation system, as explained in this bulletin. This entry procedure applies to all protected areas open to ecotourism.

The Tayrona park is located at about 34 kms from the city of Santa Marta, in Colombia. and it is one of the most important parks of all the country. 

We recommend to the visitors, travelers or tourist of Tayrona Park these Hotels or Accommodations in Tayrona Park and also these Camping areas.

The park is at 10.5 km by car or bus from the city of Santa marta. It takes about 50 minutes in a regular speed. 

Distance from Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona to Cartagena: 245 KM = 152 Millas. It takes about 5 hours to get to. 

The Tayrona National Park has an extension of 150 kms2 (19,000 hectareas)

Ubicación del Parque Tayrona

El Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona se halla  situado en la ciudad de Santa Marta  Colombia. Su área hace parte del departamento de Magdalena.

El parque se encuentra ubicado a 34 km del centro urbano de Santa Marta y es uno de los parques naturales más importantes de Colombia. Observa también este video sobre la ubicación del parque Tayrona

Si te gustan los bellos paisajes, la naturaleza y sorprenderte con lugares Paradisiacos y Paquetes todo incluido, te recomendamos el Portal de Viajes y Tours a Colombia. Te sorprenderás!

Persons that doesn't need to pay to access the protected areas that confirms the Tayrona National Park are:

1. Children under 5 years, national adults with more than 65 years old, that needs to show an identification.

2. Person that belongs to Natural National Parks, the spouse, permanent partner or family to second level, for only one time in the annual period when visiting a protected area for recreation reasons and having an authorization by the General Direction..

3. Public server and National Parks employees working.

4. Students and teachers of public  or private institutions to attend the 1 and 2 levels.

5. Inhabitants of the towns under 10.000 population located in the areas by the National Parks Systems.

6. Volunteers keepers and investigators working in activities in the areas of Natural National Parks. .

7. Handicapped nationals or foreigners if they satisfy the conditions of the Protected Area.

8. Members of inhabitant communities living inside the protected areas or in the nearby.

9. Representatives of public or private organism, national or not that donates goods to benefy the Natural National Parks to help the funtion of keep and protect the areas of the Natural National System with the subjetct of verifying the destination of resources, always with the authorization of the General Management.

10. Public serves in official works.

11. Foreginer public serves in official works.

12. The owners of privates places located inside the protected areas, spouse and family to fourth level.

13. Inhabitant of the region that must access the park in a pass activity.

14. Army forces and employees of companies, association, etc. that counts with installations located inside the protected area that must access to make his funtions.

15. Honorary park keepers for a year from his designation.

16. Diving trainers, national or not that makes part of the crew of the boat. They must send to National Parks a list to identify the crew with numbers of I.D..

17. Jourgnalist making his job, with acreditacion.